Press Release

Oct. 23-26, 2016
Nov. 16-19, 2016
Nov. 13-17, 2016
LipoMedics Inc. will present new data related to development of injectable Paclitaxel, phospholipid bound nanoparticle formulation at Nanoparticle Therapeutics 2016, 23rd-26th October, 2016 in Australia, BIT's 6th Annual Symposium of Drug Delivery Systems 2016, 16th-19th November, 2016 in China, and 2016 AAPS Annual Meeting and Exposition, 13th -17th November 2016 in Denver, Colorado.
July 10, 2016LipoMedics Inc. (the “Lipo”) has entered into the License and Collaboration Agreement on July 10, 2016 with Hunan Fangsheng Pharmaceutical Co.Ltd., China (the “Fangsheng”), whereas Fangsheng has invested in Lipo for its newly issued common shares, representing 30% of the total share capital of Lipo after the investment. The material provisions include but not limited to assisting Fangsheng in upgrading its manufacturing plant to a cGMP manufacturing plant, licensing sales and distribution right of LM-001 in China to Fangsheng.
June 27-29, 2016Dr. Zachary Yim, Vice President of CMC, will be presenting the poster entitled “LM-102-An Injectable Phospholipid-Cholesteryl Ester Nanoformulation of Paclitaxel: Comparison of Drug Loading and Stability with Phospholipid-Lysophospholipid Formulation (LM-101)” at 7th International Nanomedicine Conference 2016, June 27-29, in Sydney, Australia.”
June 26-29, 2016Dr. Tapas De, CEO, will be presenting the poster entitle “Third Generation Abraxane®: LM-101 - An Injectable Phospholipid-coated Nanoparticles Loaded with Paclitaxel:Composition and Method of Preparation, Electrochemical Characterization and Dissolution Studies.” at CLINAM conference and exhibition 2016, June 26-29, in Basel, Switzerland.
Mar. 10, 2016LipoMedics Inc. announces that its Phase I Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) grant entitled "Targeting the plasma high density lipoprotein (SR-B1) receptor for effective anti-cancer therapeutics" has been approved for funding of US$220,726.00 from National Institutes of Health (NIH), US.
Dec. 7-9, 2015Dr. Tapas De, Vice President of Nanomedicine, will be presenting the poster entitled "Injectable Phospholipid-Coated Nanoparticles Loaded with Paclitaxel: Influence of Lipid Composition, Methods of Preparation, Drug Concentration and Storage Temperatures" at SFNano Nanomed Europe Grenoble 2015 meeting in Grenoble, France.
Dec. 2-4, 2015Lipomedics will be attending 2015 Texas Life Science CEO Summit in Bastrop, Texas, USA on Dec 2-4, 2015.